All About Business Portraits: Hiring A Photographer And More!

All About Business Portraits: Hiring A Photographer And More!

Gone are times when people would simply associate a brand with products and services. This is the age of social media, and customers want to know the people who make a business. Also, your top management staff, managers and employees deserve to get recognition and fame, so their faces should be used on the website, marketing materials and other branding documents. That’s exactly where business portraits come in the picture. This is not something you can click with a mobile camera, and in this post, we are discussing more on how you can actually find services for business portraits near me.

Knowing business portraits and headshots

A headshot, as the name suggests, is a headshot of the person, and you can think of this as more of a professional representation. Headshots are extremely ideal for resumes, small profiles and social media needs. For example, you may have seen headshots on an “About us” page on a website. On the other hand, business portraits are more professional and artistic at the same time. The process of taking a business portrait is rather more complicated and requires more time than a headshot. Some of the smallest aspects like the lighting, posing and clothing do make a difference, and for most portraits, make up is used.

Hiring a corporate photographer

There are many companies around that promise to take great business portraits and headshots, but the world of corporate photography is extremely diverse and requires a greater understanding of branding and people. You cannot hire any random company for the job, primarily because whatever images you take will eventually become the faces for your brand. Find a company that understands photography for businesses and is willing to show a few references of the business portraits they have taken so far.

Estimate and more

When you want to get the best business portraits, you have to look beyond the price. The estimate for portraits is a tad more than that of headshots. You can expect to pay around $200 or more for professional headshots, and that covers the cost of setup, photographers, equipment and post production work. You can expect to get an estimate in advance, and if the volume of work is huge, you can actually ask for a discount. Make sure that the images are sent to you for approval, and don’t forget to ask for references.

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