Different Types of Steel Pipes and Their Uses

Different Types of Steel Pipes and Their Uses

Steel pipe can be hollow, long tubes which are used for a variety of purpose. These tubes are produced by using 2 distinct methods that result in either seamless or welded pipe. In both the methods, certain raw steel will first be cast into more workable form.

Steel pipe types

Following are 2 most common steel pipes available:

  • Hot Finish Seamless Pipe

It is also, known as HFSM which is produced just by boring out from the center of any solid steel rod piece.

  • Electric Resistance Welded

This is also called ERW steel pipe which is produced by just by rounding any steel sheet and then welding them by using suitable method. This is cost effective and most popular surplus pipe that you can get in the market.

Uses of steel pipes

  • Structural member

Since steel tubes are usually hollow pipe and also has relatively lower ratio of strength to weight, hence steel pipe may be designed for many different uses by various engineers and architects.

It is possible to be used on large scale use, like the support pole used for massive highway billboards.

Also, it may be used on small scale for all everyday items like bicycle frame tube.

  • Fluid transporting

Major use of steel pipe is as carrier of fluids. Such pipes are used for conveying various petroleum products to respective refineries. You can find countless miles of such smaller diameter pipes used as feeder pipe.

Also, steel pipes are used for transporting water. Another application of steel tubes as fire sprinkler systems mostly you can find inside buildings. There can be one reason of their use as it is easily cut, grooved and also threaded to right size on-site.

  • Steel casing

For protecting water, sewer or any other carrier pipes, steel pipe can often be used as casing pipe. This is because the strength and rigidity of steel pipe can easily be pushed under the roadways and railroads without traffic disruption.

These steel pipes can be pushed with hydraulic ram as the auger will spin inside pipe and carries displaced soil back again to jacking pit from where it is easy to remove.

  • Recyclability

Most steel pipes will have high amount of recycled content and also high reclamation rate. Nowadays, every industry is interested to recycle steel for their economy, but the environmental concerns will make it much more important.

Nowadays almost 100% steel products for construction work are recycled.