How To Deal With Sudden Failure Of Transformer?

How To Deal With Sudden Failure Of Transformer?

In case there is a sudden breakdown of transformer in production set up then it can cause lots of production loss and one has to find ways and means to minimize the downtime as much possible. The usual function of any transformer is to increase or decrease the voltage that is delivered by the utility company in order to fulfill certain specific application. Your plant cannot function if the supply voltage is not available.

Transformer is device which does not become defective too frequently. However, if the failure does take place then it can be devastating, which can totally cripple the production facility. If any such disaster takes place then the only alternate is immediate replacement of the defective transformer so that production down time can be minimized.

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You cannot lose time

In any manufacturing environment where regular production is going on then any interruption due to transformer failure can totally stop the complete operation. This can be not only a production loss but loss of opportunity too.

This kind of unplanned breakdown can cause great loss to the company and therefore this kind of problem needs to be tackled on emergency basis. In such situation, the electrical staffs have to immediately rush for finding the replacement for the transformer. Therefore, it is necessary for the plant maintenance department of the company always keep a spare transformer readily available.

Usually, replacing the transformer can be done within reasonable period of time instead of considering repair option. If the problem is minor like connectivity problem then it can be addressed without much loss of time. However, if the transformer has totally burnt or got blasted then its repair may need several days. No production set up can afford so much downtime of their production and suffer loss of production.

Prefer for reliable transformer

Reliability of the construction of transformer is also equally important. Therefore, it is also important to ensure that superior materials have been used for the construction of the transformer, which prevents failure under extreme operating condition. Besides that, it is also important to carry out necessary preventive maintenance so that condition may not get build up with due course of time that can cause the transformer to explode.

In case the transformer is too old, then it must be replaced before a break down situation ever gets developed.