How To Maintain Consistent Levels of Contact Centre Performance

How To Maintain Consistent Levels of Contact Centre Performance

Performance management is a way of looking at the performance of call centre staff and ensuring that high levels are maintained over a consistent period of time. For many call centre teams there is a need to deliver high standards of customer service whilst also maintaining brand integrity for a different company that they are representing on a call with potential and existing customers. How can you ensure that this is maintained over a long period of time?

There are several techniques that can be employed to ensure that call centre staff are working to the tight codes of work placed upon them. This can include any and all of on-call training, gamification, quality monitoring, and call recording. The best contact centres will conduct this in-house to ensure that any clients utilising a contact centre service for call overflow or any other type of service, is receiving the very best quality and consistency that does not harm their brand in any way, shape, or form.

It is all about improving the customer experience and the customer journey, whether that person is looking to purchase a product or service from your company or make a complaint or query. A customer is looking for a contact centre agent to provide them with a fast and effective answer of course, but they are also looking for communication and an interaction that is friendly and offers a human touch.

Through careful performance management you can ensure that your customer service agents address the three main priorities of the majority of customers; an easy handling of the call and specific problem; a fast resolution; and a friendly service that feels personal to that specific customer. There are key metrics to measures the performance of contact centre agents, such as the length of time on calls etc. but it can be difficult to maintain high and consistent performance levels across a large team of agents, and this is one of the challenges of performance management in a contact centre.

It’s about acquiring as much data as possible and feeding that into the expected performance of each individual and team. A pattern will soon emerge that allows you to see which areas of a contact centre requires extra training on specific tasks and processes, and which area needs regenerating with extra or new staff members. Everything should be conducted with an eye on the customer and how your actions and decisions will have a positive impact on the customer journey, the customer experience, and brand recognition and integrity.

If you have the need or desire to add a contact centre service to your customer service or sales teams, whether to help ease the burden on your in-house team, or to utilise an out of hours service and never miss out on potential sales again, it is vital that you have a way of tracking, measuring, and analysing the performance levels of your contact centre staff. It could mean the difference between high customer satisfaction levels and losing customers.