Importance of Workplace Sensitivity Training

Importance of Workplace Sensitivity Training

We can all agree that operating with employees comes with numerous risks. That is the main reason why you should try to foster a culture of integrity, respect, and accountability.

However, that is not something that everyone understands, which is why you can implement the sensitivity training for your employees.

Even though this particular idea is hyped in the last few years, and most people think that sensitivity training is about political correctness.

The main goal is to achieve a respectful relationship with your employees and team so that you can improve productivity and efficiency, among other things.

Remember that sensitivity training for managers and other employees will help you improve customer relationships and help you understand how to treat everyone accordingly.

Let us start from the beginning:

What Is Sensitivity Training?

The main goal of sensitivity training is to let people understand things about others and themselves. It uses both behavioral flexibility techniques, which can improve overall social sensitivity.

Generally, the best way to describe this particular idea in a single word is empathy, or individual ability to understand and sense what others think and feel from their perspectives.

On the other hand, behavioral flexibility is the ability to behave accordingly based on previous understanding.

1.    Analyze the Old Values

The first step of sensitivity training is to help your employees become aware of old values and their inadequacy in general.

For instance, your employee can face the dilemma when it comes to old values, which is why he/she will receive relevant guidance based on the situation and context.

The idea is to form an unstructured group of people and provide them with an objective that will help them understand each other.

2.    Develop New Values

With the support of professionals that are handling the training processes, your employees will start to analyze their behavior and provide feedback one to another.

They will also discuss the reasoning that comes with each feedback as well as what motivates others to implements a new set of values.

The process will allow others to understand the importance of new values and appreciate them with the entire team.

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Emotional Intelligence

Generally, we can say that sensitivity training is the process that will allow your managers and employees to develop emotional intelligence.

By definition, emotional intelligence is the mental ability that a particular individual possesses that allows him/her to understand the emotions of others, to be sensitive, and to be able to handle their impulses and emotions.

It is a skill or capacity to manage your own emotions and understand others, among other things. Keep in mind that by improving the emotional intelligence within your workplace, you will be able to improve overall productivity and teamwork.

The most common workplace problems include misunderstandings and conflicts, and they tend to rise due to a lack of emotional intelligence by the person who leads to conflict in the first place.

We have mentioned above that emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize emotions in others and determine what to do base on that particular knowledge. Teamwork requires the ability to transform any negative feeling into creativity and productivity.

Reasons for Sensitivity Training

Even though the goals tend to vary based on the training type you decide, but we can differentiate general goals that include:

  • More exceptional ability to understand others as well as increased self-awareness and insight into behaviors. At the same time, it will provide your employees with an ability to interpret other behaviors as well.
  • It will help you increase the sensitivity and understanding of the behavior of others. Therefore, you will be able to interpret both nonverbal and verbal clues, which will ultimately raise the awareness of what others are feeling and thinking.
  • It will help you understand better the inter-group processes and projects, primarily if your workplace depends on teamwork as the core element for success.
  • It will help you increase the interpersonal diagnostic skills for various situations.
  • It will allow you to transform the learning and knowledge into action so that you can become more successful as an individual and part of a team. That way, you will improve the overall efficiency, output, satisfaction, and other traits that are vital for teamwork.

Results of Sensitivity Training

Keep in mind that the outcomes and benefits that your managers and employees will get by sensitivity training are vast.

Generally, everything depends on an individual, which means that nothing can be guaranteed upfront until someone decides to implement the knowledge from the training.

This tends to happen because some participants avoid learning about it or think that it is a waste of time, which is why everything depends on individual traits and factors.

The outcomes vary depending on the goals and reasons why you enrolled in this particular course in the first place. After enrolling the sensitivity training, you will be able to achieve these goals:

  • Improved awareness of personal reactions and feelings that will affect others
  • The improved perspective of reactions and feelings of you
  • Ability to understand that your emotional reactions are affecting others, which is why it is crucial to find ways to implement self-control
  • Improved dynamics of the teamwork and the ability to understand what others feel so that you can act accordingly
  • Improved attitudes to others, self, and teamwork as well as a higher tolerance for faith in groups, others, and self
  • Improved ability to communicate with each other and to handle interpersonal relationships
  • Improved awareness of your role as a manager and ability to handle others

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As you can see from everything we have mentioned above, the main idea of sensitivity training is to increase the interpersonal relationship between your employees. That way, they will be able to nourish their relationships and allow others to become more effective.

At the same time, your employees will learn how to analyze each other’s behaviors, which will help them in personal lives as well as the corporate ones.