Why Is It Important To Have A Right Sized Packaging?

Why Is It Important To Have A Right Sized Packaging?

Any business that sells and transports good need to have the right size packaging in order to be successful. As a matter of fact, it keeps the productivity levels high and the running costs low at the same time. This is totally valid on furniture makers and suppliers who may have to deal with complex nature of storing and transporting the large product which would be heavy and bulky too. Conventionally, such companies used plastic wrapping or big boxes to pack the furniture and stuffing the extra space with bubble wrap. Now technology lets them change the way this works. There are many benefits of using right size packaging for business, like:

  1. Warehouse

No matter how smoothly your business is running, you will always need the product stored. The more efficiently you store a big item like furniture, the less space you would need and less money spent on warehousing as well. When using furniture packaging that is the wrong size, it takes up more space than necessary in the warehouse and costing you more money. You need to save warehouse space to save some bucks. When using furniture packaging by Belley that perfectly fits your product, saves space as the packaging itself is smaller and you can also store it upwards or across the floor.

  1. Health and safety

It may be impossible to keep all the work based accidents at bay but you can avoid the risks by using the furniture packaging that is a perfect fit for the furniture itself. When you do this, it makes it easy for moving the forklift trucks that eliminates the amount of heavy lifting and the chances of hurting themselves in the process itself. It also helps in stacking the products easier, making them more stable and eliminating the risks of their falling off shelves as they couldn’t be stacked and left unattended at ground level.

Furniture damage

Most of the damages to the products happen during the transit. Damaged goods cannot be sold away easily or they need to be sold at a discount, means in some or the other way, it will be returned to you and leaving you responsible for the covering the costs or selling them away at reduced price. Hence, you need to use furniture packaging that is the perfect size that prevents the risks of getting the goods damaged as they will be transported in a secured packaging in the delivery vehicle and will also have more empty space for them to keep them in.